Ukihashi 浮橋Floating Bridge

Ukihashi 浮橋
Floating Bridge

In this series of interviews, music researcher and author Lasse Lehtonen approaches musicians and composers with whom Juha T. Koskinen has collaborated

"Working on new music together"

Lasse Lehtonen in interview with the koto artist Yoshizawa Nobutaka (Tokyo, May 2020)
Juha T. Koskinen has long collaborated with musicians from the sphere of traditional Japanese music. One of them is Yoshizawa Nobutaka (吉澤延隆), a versatile koto artist who aspires to cross the boundaries of different cultural traditions in his artistic work.
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TEN (転)—between two worlds

Lasse Lehtonen in interview with the composer Tokunaga Takashi and soprano Akitsu Tomoko (August 2020)
Commissioned by Ensemble H[akka], TEN (転), “a turning point,” for soprano and five musicians was premiered in Hiroshima under the baton of composer Tokunaga Takashi (徳永崇) in October 2019. As described by the musicians, practicing and performing the work turned into an artistic journey of exploration that resulted in fascinating cultural realizations—on both sides of the stage.  
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